I am first and foremost a husband, a dad, and a Nannu (Grandpa).

I have been a public educator for the past 28 years. I consider myself an anomaly in the field because although I have dedicated all that time to my education, training, and experience, we home school our kids. All of my experiences together have led me to think differently than most public educators and I have become extremely passionate about the idea of a Revolution of Education.

What I hope to accomplish by this Blog:

  • Promote ideas related to an absolute revolution in education
  • Share my personal experiences and philosophies related to this topic
  • Share what I learn from others on this topic

Here are some related topics:

  • Current structures, practices, and philosophies
  • Current alternatives to the norm
  • Current disruptive ideas
  • Future outlook
  • Innovative ideas that break from the status quo

Let me be clear, I will never claim to have the answers to such a complex issue. I want to put ideas out into the ether, I want to spark deep critical thinking about current practices and their evolution, effectiveness, and efficacy. I am hoping to be challenged on my ideas because this will force me to dive deeper into my own critical thinking and I hope it sparks others to do the same.

Please, stay tuned and join the conversation.

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